Renewing the Jerusalem Forest



Facilitated by Mike Leiter, Director of the “City Meets Forest” program and Alon Oriyon, project partner.

Due to demand, two workshops were held during the conference.

This program’s vision is to bring as many Jerusalemites from every background to experience the wonderful renewal of the forest, thus turning the forest into a place for study and recreation. With this in mind, the workshop first focused on observing a variety of natural phenomena. Later, participants engaged in joint thinking about landscaping – the first step towards working together to maintain the forest. The workshop also touched upon the heritage of agriculture and nature.

The tour departed from the Zipori Center, and entered the forest. Sitting across from beautiful, scenic views, Mike and Alon explained the importance of the forest as an ecological zone, on ways that youngsters from across the population were involved in cultivating the forest, and the forest’s history of agriculture.mixed_cities_conference_2017-020

Workshops such as these serve as a platform for Jewish and Arab youngsters to encounter and get to know each other.