The Open Workshop: The Space between the Spaces

Initiated by Gil Gilad, Besod Siach

This space was created in the spirit of the conference, and attendees were invited into this space to meet, engage in deep dialogue, and take action – without any facilitation.

Throughout the conference, this space was spontaneously occupied – groups gathered to talk about various aspects of dialogue pertaining to the conference and its theme (whether from an organizational, community, or general standpoint). Some participants chose to discuss previous workshops, conference experiences, and personal experiences and ideas. Sheets of poster board were available for participants to summarize their discussions, ideas, questions, thoughts, conclusions, etc. Thus, each new group read and was inspired by those who had come before it, while reacting and adding their own insights. As the conference wrapped to an end, Gil Gilad collected the posters, creating an “open database of learning”. Furthermore, groups that expressed an interest in continuing their dialogue were offered help to that end.