Media Coverage

It is the joint fabric that creates the beauty of life in a mixed city

Iris Lavi interviews Dr. Uki Maroshek Klarman, Academic Director, Adam Institute, on the Mixed Cities Conference
Getting Ready for the Sabbath”, Radio Reshet Bet, 9.10.15



The Mixed City of Jaffa

Esther Zandberg interviews Professor Daniel Monterescu, Haaretz Magazine, 14.10.15


Living Together in spite of Difficulties and Conflict

Dr. Udi Spiegel, Head of Educational Department, Jerusalem Foundation
a�?This Evening at Six“, Channel One TV, 15.10.15


Imagine a World without Fear, A world without Hate, In which we will live together, A world of love

The Quartetoukan band
Avri Gilad and Hila Koracha��sA� morning program, 16.10.15


The Extent of West Jerusalema��s Dependency on East Jerusalem and Vice Versa

Uri Levi and Kinneret Brashi interview Marik Shtern
a�?Friday at Fivea�?, 16.10.15



The Impossible has become the only Possibility

The Authors Dorit Rabinyan and Ayman Siksek a�?Meet the Pressa�?, 17.10.15


Jerusalem is not the only City in the World which comprises Communities that are hostile towards one another a�� The Reality and the Hope that comes with this

London interviews Professor Daniel Monterescu
a�?London and Kirschenbauma�?, 20.10.15


Seeing Jerusalem, not only as a Problem and not only as a Political Nightmare, but Seeing its Potential
Chico Menashe interviews Professor Haim Yacobi
a�?Agendaa�?, 13.10.15


The Israeli Case that seems especially Complex, these days in particular
Gal Gabay interviews Dr. Uki Maroshek Klarman, Academic Director, Adam Institute, and Mehereta Baruch, Tel Aviv Municipality
a�?Forming a New Agendaa�?, 19.10.15


A�Peace Demands Compromise


Billie Besserglik interviews Dr Uki Maroshek Klarman, Academic Director, Adam Institute
Local Herzeliya Weekly Newspaper, 15.10.15