Mapping Our City




Facilitated by Suma Qawasmi, Yael Kalif, Ismat Uthman, and Sarah Stone, Kids4Peace coordinators.

Kids4Peace is an interfaith youth group and community, bringing together Jews, Christians and Muslims who live in and around Jerusalem. Participating kids learn about tolerance and gain skills for coping with conflict in a multi-cultural environment.  mixed-cities-598

The workshop was a sample unit from the youth curriculum that focuses on personal experiences within Jerusalem’s urban sphere. Participants placed noteworthy sites on the floor, which was transformed to a city-wide map. Then, each participant mapped out their daily routine. By sharing their experiences, participants were able to take a fresh look at their daily commutes and gain an appreciation for how others experience the same urban fabric. Where do they go, and where don’t they go? What do they pass, and what don’t they pass? Which religious and/or national symbols do they see, and which don’t they see? What emerged was a complex map of routes taken, which serves as the basis for individual sharing and learning about each other.