Encounters on the Field


Tzav Pius

Encounters on the Field

Facilitated by Iddo Diamant‏, Director of the soccer program.

Tzav Puis aims to change Israeli reality by creating frameworks for joint living by promoting basic values such as mutual respect, tolerance, and understanding, in order to create a unified Israeli society, with a glorious past and promising future.mixed-cities-490

The method for this workshop was taken from the larger soccer curriculum, which promotes tolerance, while becoming deeply acquainted with the “other.” Using soccer as a metaphor and means towards advancing dialogue, the workshop comprised two stages:

  1. Introductions: each participant introduced themselves, while selecting a position on the field that represents them and explaining their choice (defense, coach, goalie, etc.).
  2. The group was given 40 cards, each with a well-known persona (singers, poets, politicians, etc.). Participants had to choose two traits that emblemize each individual.
  3. The group assembled their national soccer team, according to the different positions on the field.
  4. A discussion about the role of different sectors in Israeli society. The guiding questions included: how do you build a winning team? What role can different sectors play?