Text-Based Dialogue Workshops

Booksurfing Facilitated by Raz Spector, Founder Two workshops were held during the conference; one on cities, the other on dialogue. Booksurfing is a format for facilitating encounters between a small group of unacquainted text-lovers. The session’s topic is selected in advance, and each participant brings a short text to the surf. Raz says, “It’s called Booksurfing, and it’s an Israeli invention. Eightstrangers meet to share and discuss short texts. Why? It’s more than a literary project; it’s about the social and cultural ties between strangers, a remedy for the ills of urban alienation.” Participants can bring any sort of text, which they share with the group. The discussion that ensues is loosely facilitated by the surf’s host.

Textual Encounters

Beit Midrash-Madrasah Facilitated by Yigal Simon, Director and Amin Khalaf, Facilitator (Hebrew-Arabic). This workshop employed the hevruta (pairs) method of study, as well as group study of foundational texts from the Islamic and Jewish traditions. Participants learned texts in smaller groups, and then reconvened to discuss and reflect upon the experience and its significance.

Religious Text Study