Mediation-Based Dialogue Workshops

Mosaica Restorative Justice in Criminal Proceedings (Hebrew-Arabic) Facilitated by Laiki Saban, Mosaica, and Director of the Mediation and Dialogue Center in Acco Mosaica, The Center for Conflict Resolution by Agreement, functions as a community-based alternative for preventing, managing, and resolving conflicts. Mosaica encourages joint discourse and dialogue as a means for resolving conflicts between different cultural groups, while improving the quality of life for all through the use of mediation-based language and values, including: mutual respect, acceptance of the “other,” tolerance, listening, and participation. Restorative justice is a process that brings together perpetrator and victim, who together formulate a plan for healing and correcting whatever damage was inflicted. The workshop focused on the role of religion and culture when using […]

Restorative Justice in Criminal Proceedings

The Israeli Center for Restorative Practices (ICRP) Facilitated by Dalia Tauber, Founder. The ICRP was founded in 2012 to focus on learning and developing restorative dialogue, while implementing restorative justice processes. Past activities include initiating and collecting signatures for a restorative justice treaty for Israeli society, and introducing the concept in schools and workplaces. The ICRP facilitates restorative justice in cases of sexual violence, and participated in Givat Haviva’s Roadmap for a Joint Society program, developing a model in which restorative dialogue serves as the basis for discussing and promoting joint living. The workshop presented the model’s tenets, which participants then practiced applying. The conversation forced on the model’s key questions, which focus on community-building thought and dialogue. By raising […]

Israeliness: Sharing, Thinking, and Shaping a Joint Future

Gishurim Forum of Joint Cities Facilitated by Shai Horev (Acco), Aliza Silura (Ramla), Yaron Levin (Haifa), Noa Shalev (Lod), and Laiki Saban (Acco/Jerusalem). This workshop demonstrated the model used by the Gishurim Centers (municipal mediation centers in mixed cities: Acco, Lod, Ramla, and Haifa). The multi-faceted workshop covered conflict resolution, multi-cultural community leadership, inter-cultural community dialogue, and partnerships. Working in smaller groups, participants were presented with a case-study from one of the centers. Through questioning and investigating, participants applied the principles and model to the case study, while exploring additional options for resolution.

Forum of Joint Cities