Identity-Based Dialogue Workshops

Ajeec – The Negev Institute Facilitated by Rose Amer, Director of the Volunteer Program and social activist. Ajeec was founded in 2001 with the goal of creating genuine partnership rooted in equality, peace, and justice. The organization has a number of divisions: a volunteer tent, which was recently recognized as Israel’s first youth organization, the economic department, early childhood, health, and more. The workshop demonstrated Ajeec’s partnership model, through role play and creating a joint project, which trains youngsters to become activists in their communities. Taliy’a (“pioneers”) is a year-long volunteer program that serves as a transitional framework for Arab high school graduates. They are trained to integrate, while developing their own personal and community identities. At the same time, […]

Identity Dialogue: Paulo Freire’s Approach to Dialogue

Young Naamat Facilitated by Nurit Hajaj, Project and Content Director, Orly Biti, Adv., Deputy Director and Chair of Special Projects, and Ayelet Baruch-Katz, a Tel Aviv-based activist. Young Naamat provides opportunities for women to join, associate, gain skills, and act alongside other young women from varying backgrounds, employment, religions, and traditions across Israel. They are united in their belief that women can impact Israeli society, specifically the status of women. The group operates in affinity to Naamat and the Histadrut (General Organization of Workers in Israel) to promote the status of women, change social-political policies, and strive for gender equity at home, work, and society. The workshop expanded upon identities and identity politics, and was facilitated according to the method […]

Identity Dynamics

Beit Berl Academic College Multiplicity of Identities Facilitated by Dr. Ariela Bairey ben Ishay, Director of the Group Facilitation in a Multi-Identity Society program. This workshop aimed to raise participants’ awareness of the multiple identities that are held concurrently, affecting individuals’ daily lives. Some of these are assigned at birth (e.g. nationality, gender, etc.), while others are acquired (e.g. ideology, professional identity, etc.). Any single or group of identities may move to the fore, depending on our needs or context. Thus, individuals must ask which identities help, and which hinder, when meeting other people. The workshop included theoretical knowledge that provided a background on the method’s different applications in group settings (The Other Within Us, Dan Bar-On, 1999; The Social […]

Multiplicity of Identities