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Yael Gvirtz, CEO, Elifelet – Citizens for Refugee Children Karyn Thomas “Small Projects” (Istanbul) Yael Gvirtz By profession, I am a journalist and a biographer. About four years ago, my life changed. I was shocked when I heard that Molotov cocktails had been thrown at refugee children in the Shapira neighborhood in southern Tel Aviv. I decided to go there myself. Afterwards, the refugees told me that in more than four years in this country, I was the first Israeli to reach out to them with well-meaning intentions I learned about the “children warehouses” in southern Tel Aviv. Thousands of children spend the day in cellars, in life-threatening conditions, neglected, and cramped. We faced a challenge and understood that we […]

Keynote Address by Israeli and Foreign Activists: Foreigners in the Community ...

Chair: Dr. Maya Kahanoff, Senior Lecturer in the M.A. Program in Conflict Research, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem Panel: Liat Mayberg, Among the founders of the Haredi pre-academic program and coordinator on behalf of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem Rabbi Nehemia Steinberger, Director of the Haredi pre-academic program at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem Amna Freg, Coordinator of Arab Students, Student Union, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem Asmaa Mara’ee-Zoabi, Graduate of the Swiss Center for Conflict Research, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem Maya Kahanoff Compared with Israeli society at large, the university isn’t that bad. Different populations manage to co-exist most of the time. Students are enlightened and they don’t silence others. Recently, the administration acknowledged holidays celebrated by other […]

Panel 7: On and Off Campus: Academia and the Mixed City

Chair: Marik Stern, Researcher at the Jerusalem Institute for Israel Studies, PhD Student at Ben Gurion University Panel: Eli Rozenfeld , Director, the French Hill Community Center Avi Ehrentreu, Ultra-Orthodox resident of the French Hill Yosef Atia, Arab resident of the French Hill Naomi Vestfrid, secular resident of the French Hill Marik Stern I will begin by presenting my research about the French Hill neighborhood. The data is in its early stages, but it will provide a framework for our discussion today. In the aftermath of the Six Day War, the Mount Scopus campus [of the Hebrew University] was reopened. A need arose to create a Jewish continuum between west Jerusalem and Mount Scopus, Thus, three neighborhoods were constructed: Ma’alot […]

Panel 6: French Hill and Mount Scopus: Peace in Jerusalem?