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Panel in partnership with the Education Department of the Jerusalem Municipality Greetings:        Dr. Udi Spiegel, The Jerusalem Foundation Tamar Greidinger, The Adam Institute Lecture:           Dr. Cheli Halel Avraham, Education and Society Department, Ono Academic College Chairs:             Emanuel Zilberman, Deputy Director of High School Education, Jerusalem Municipality Nabila Mena, Deputy Director of Arabic Education, Jerusalem Municipality Speakers:         Principals and educators from Jerusalem, whose schools participate in various educational programs, as listed:                         Rabbi Arie Foxbromer, Principal of the Har-Nof elementary school (A Bridge of Educators)                         Sana Atari, Principal of East Jerusalem girls high school (Directing Together)                         Bar Harir, Principal of Ankori High School, City Center                         Ido Plesental, Educational Coordinator, Sieff and Marks High School (In the […]

Panel 3: Teaching Dialogue – Educational Projects in Mixed Cities                     ...

Chair: Dr. Uki Maroshek Klarman, Academic Director, The Adam Institute for Democracy and Peace Asfahan Bahaloul, PhD Candidate, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem Dr. Thabet Abu Rass, Co-Executive Director, The Abraham Fund Initiatives Dr. Shlomo Fischer, Academic Advisor, Yesodot – The Center for Torah and Democracy Uki Maroshek Klarman Different education systems within Jerusalem contend differently with it being a mixed city, a city whose sovereignty is even under dispute. We will discuss a number of typical schools that organize diverse activities to assert the presence of different groups within the city. Asfahan Bahaloul I will talk about teaching the Holocaust in Arab schools. For my MA thesis at Haifa University, I researched how Holocaust discourse is established in Arabic […]

Panel 2: Learning Multiculturalism and Multinationalism

In partnership with the Jerusalem Municipality Education Department (November 16 2016) Chair: Tzachi Golan, Youth Development Division manager; Renan Alian, Director of Educational Welfare in East Jerusalem, Jerusalem municipality; Ornit Ben Yashar, CEO, Machshava Tova; Assaf Nahari, Keshet Center Team, Youth Development Division, Jerusalem Municipality; Ann Levi, Projects Team, Youth Development Division, Jerusalem Municipality; Yakov Cheshin, Keshet Religious Team, Youth Development Division, Jerusalem Municipality Tzachi Golan The Youth Development Division of Jerusalem Municipality serves young people aged 14-26 which are at-risk to varying degrees. We work throughout Jerusalem, with all segments of the population. Our goal is to help the youth change their lives for the better and help them integrate into society. I will start with general information. There […]

Panel 1: Teenage Challenges in Mixed Cities